Massage Treatments
When asked what he attributed to his youthful vibrancy, the late comedian Bob Hope replied, "Among other factors, I have a daily massage!" (he lived to be 100).

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  • Dollar-A-Minute Massage .................... $ 1+
    Our massage therapist performs this massage
    and it can be done at any time. Schedule a few
    minutes while your hair color is processing,
    your nails are drying, or if you just want to
    drop in for a quickie. No oils are used during
    this service and you remain clothed.
  • Swedish Massage (30 Minutes) ............... $ 40
                    (60 Minutes) ............... $ 70
                    (90 Minutes) ............... $100

    This Massage uses a firm but gentle pressure
    to improve circulation and flexibility, ease
    muscle aches and tension and create relaxation.
  • Deep Tissue Massage (60 Minutes) ........... $ 90
    This Massage focuses on realigning deeper
    layers of muscles and connective tissue.
    It is especially helpful for chronically
    tense and contracted areas, such as: stiff
    necks, low back tightness and sore shoulders.
    Some of the same strokes are used as Swedish
    Massage, but the movement is deeper and
    concentrated on areas of tension and pain.
  • Soleil Signature Massage (60 Minutes) ...... $ 85

    ďItís Everything Under the Sun!Ē

    Enjoy a taste of several massage techniques
    including the popular Swedish, well-known
    reflexology, and the unique Esalen style,
    sure to leave your body thanking you for this
    hour of bliss. This full body treatment
    induces total body relaxation while increasing
    circulation. Itís all topped off with a
    wonderful peppermint exfoliating treatment for
    your feet, providing softer skin, and, most
    importantly, relief !!
  • Hot Stone Massage (60 Minutes) ............. $ 85
    Heated stones are used in conjunction with
    Swedish massage techniques to heat the muscles
    for a deeper and more relaxing massage. This
    massage is great in the cold months of winter,
    it helps to warm up the body and balance energy.
  • Prenatal Massage (60 Minutes) .............. $ 70
    The Prenatal massage focuses on back, arms,
    legs and feet. Every movement is adjusted
    to the needs of the client, with proper body
    positions for any Mom-to-be.